Our Road Safety Visitors6 Sep 2022

Last week we had the Road Safety team come to visit us. MC learned about road safety, which will help her identify safe and dangerous situations. It's an essential part of a child's early education, as it is vital to ensure the safety of the vehicle operators, passengers, and of course, pedestrians.

During the talk, MC demonstrated great curiosity for knowledge and confidence in herself. She enjoyed taking on the challenge to volunteer and help the Road Safety team to explain the traffic rules, which indicated her great sense of belonging and contribution to her environment. She learned new vocabulary, such as pedestrian, driveway, zebra crossing, and these new pieces of vocabulary will help her to express her ideas accurately in the future.

This visit enabled all of our children to gather together in the same room, which helped them to learn from each other and nurture their relationships. It was also an excellent opportunity for MC to adapt this knowledge to real life and to think about road safety in her environment. She can now better assess risks on pavements and roads, as well as how to practice safe and responsible behaviours going to and from school.