Focus and Concentration8 Sep 2022

Look at how you explore your environment and concentrate so deeply!

Today we observed you engrossed in your play in the sandpit. You were scooping the sand with both of your hands and sensing the texture of it. You were digging your hands into the sand, shovelling it up and bringing it close to your face so that you could inspect the sand as well as feeling it's texture as you allowed it to slowly drift down through your fingers again.

You were fully engaged by your senses, and we didn't interrupt your exploration, your curiosity or your concentration because you were learning so many amazing things.

We want to build your ability to be engaged in your work and to achieve what we call "flow". In Dr Montessori's time, she called it building your focus and concentration - she was a clever scientist and her work in studying how children learn has shaped our understanding of children today.

“The child who concentrates is immensely happy.” Dr Maria Montessori —The Absorbent Mind